my sous chef

My little babydoll hangs out with me in the kitchen whenever I am there. She is always keen on helping me. When her mood is set, she takes out all possible vessels from the cabinets and attacks the pantry or the refrigerator. She recently received the title “Mommy’s Little Sous Chef”.

She’s gonna be the “Next Foodnetwork Star”! Watch her whip up her own concoctions…..

my techy advisor/editor in chief/vip quality & tasting

My darling hubby, he is in the online advertising business. As you can imagine, he has a very vivid imagination and a clear 2020 vision of ideas. Nowadays, he is consulting (for free, ofcourse) this venture of mine when he is not so busy with his work. He is Signature Concoctions’ Editor in Chief and gives me suggestions and feedback on my post before I publish them.

And guess who’s my guinnea pig on the dinning table?

my guide & my philosopher

I learnt basic cooking from my dear mom. Even today, I pick up the phone and dial “M” for Mom, my rescue chef…..and  “Anna hey purna bramha” (Food is equivalent to God) is my dad’s philosophy. I think I inherit the foodie craze from him.

I love to cook just like my mom and appreciate great food just like my dad! It’s a Perfect Pair!

my partners

Growing up with my younger sister and little brother, we have made some great memories. Often, we would be together in the kitchen, working on a “gourmet” concoction. My mom was not allowed to step in! Now they have branched out and have their own ventures.

I guess it’s in the family……check out some of their latest concoctionshere & here

And last but not least,


When you share with me your comments/feedback/ideas/experiences, I learn something new from you. Keep ’em coming!

thank you!

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12 thoughts on “credits

  1. MY Dear Vasanti
    You are better cook than me, my dear daughter .
    Your recipes are amazing! Keep it up!
    -Your Mom.

    Thanks Mom 🙂

  2. hey! Vas …..u know what…..even i used to luv cooking before coming to engg…….u would be suprised to know i had even applied for an hotel management course….but the rest is history… i am a just good eater…..a foodie…..would luv to hav some of ur reciepies ;-))))))) and ya i am sure NIA’s gonna be a gr8 chef and a gr8 assistant to the best COOK in the world…..

    Thanks Abhay! I didn’t know you did all that before I met you in Engg College!
    You need no invitations, we are waiting for you all to make a trip to US here, will definitely test some of my recipes on you then!!

  3. Cool site, Vasanti. You’ve got a good advisor. So when do I get to taste some of your cooking? 🙂

  4. Hi Vas…I made the Malvani recipe (tilapia) and it was awesome, and I was planning to make the shrimp recipe today and ventured into the intro section and was surprised to see that you are the Vasanti I know personally…..I was so surprised……I like your receipes and the simplicity with which you explain…….keep it up and Great job, take care Ruma

  5. Hey I saw your little girls pics and also the video of making chocolate fondue. She is a doll and she is stirring the white chocolate on a double boiler with so much conviction. You won’t believe my son also has the same passion for cooking. The moment I start cooking he is right behind me just like a sous chef as you said. I am surprised being a boy he is so much in to cooking. Loved all your recipes. The mango mousse is on my list for the weekend dessert.

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