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my lil’ Top Chef!

I’m not surprised that my 5 year old is quite a foodie, worships Giada and dreams of being the next Top Chef!

Long before she was born, I have been into anything and everything related to cooking …from gawking at mouthwatering pictures on food blogs, experimenting in the kitchen every chance I got and watching television shows on the Food Network or  Cooking Channel. As a baby, my daughter would be sleeping on my while I watched cooking shows on TV, crawling around the kitchen while I cooked and even playing with the pots and pans, cooking up all kinds of toys in them. I guess it’s but natural that cooking is one thing that bonds us together very strongly.

When we are not catching up on “Giada at Home”, Nia and I love spending time baking together on the weekends and holidays. During the week, when we get back home in the evening, she joins me in the kitchen for a little cooking therapy. We spend a couple of hours cooking together, talking about her day at school as we prepare and finally feast on our “concoction of the day”.

When she was younger, I would just pop her on the counter and have her wash off fruits or vegetables, press the button on the food processor or stick M&Ms on to cookies and watch her giggle and laugh. It was precious!

As she grew up, I started giving her tasks like measuring ingredients, whisking eggs, mixing the pancake batter or stirring up her favorite chocolate sauce for dipping strawberries and she would get immense pleasure out of helping me. It was also a great sense of achievement for her to be a part of the process that was going on the kitchen and then getting to taste the fruits of her hard work.

Now, at 5, she is able to cut veggies on her own! This is a huge accomplishment for her and I am so proud of her!

So for Mother’s day this year, I thought of sharing concoctions that I whip up together with my lil Top Chef!

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cupcake birthday

“I am 3!” said my daughter, Nia, as she raised her little fingers and counted upto three. Yes, my babygirl just turned three! I don’t know where the last three years have gone and it’s hard to believe that she’s grown up into a girlie girl who loves getting dressed, going shopping, talking incessantly all the time and even cooking tirelessly in her own little kitchen spinning out delicacies for mommy, daddy and anyone who comes over. (I secretly pray she becomes a cooking show host one day!)

This birthday was certainly different than her previous birthdays. She actually understood that the day was something special and that it was all about her. So we decided to have two parties! One at school and one at home and she had a blast at both. With all the gifts that she received, she was one very happy birthday girl! To make it even more special Mommy decided to bake her birthday cake. While I usually try to put as much distance myself and the oven, since my bake-a-thon this past holiday, I have been growing more and more confident.

So what’s more challenging (and incredibly stressful) than making your own daughter’s birthday cake?!  - making her a birthday cupcake :D

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