Welcome to SignatureConcoctions 2.0!

SignatureConcoctions 1.0 hosted on WordPress.com came about in Aug ’08 when I decided to take my first step in the world of foodblogs. I truely enjoy cooking, photographing, writing and ofcourse, eating food. This food blog was a great medium to showcase my passion for food.  

My blog was well received! Many seemed to like my ideas, my writing style, my recipes and that encouraged me to take it to the next level. So in Nov ’08 I bought a small piece of real estate in the “dot com” world and launched in Jan ’09 my brand spanking new official foodie website 


Signature Concoctions


My husband has designed this very cool logo, that you see above. Below the logo is a window to all my kitchen gadgets and the fresh ingredients that make my concoctions so ‘signature’. In addition to the new look and feel, I have added some new features like the index of all of my recipes, featured concoctions, easy subscription via email, printing and sharing posts and much more.

 A shout out to the following people for helping me with this website: My husband, Vijay, who did the initial ground work and set the ball rolling, my bro Sushant, sis Deepti , dear pals – Atish, Dennis and Kanika, and my all time foodie companion – Fatema, who have helped me translate my vision into this wonderful website*.


Here’s to food and fun. Cheers!



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One thought on “sc 2.0

  1. Vaas, I just saw the brown pohe recipe. Its one of my favorite =) Chunnu used to get it a lot in school. I hope to have it at your place if I go home in Dec!

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