“Are you still watching this?”, asks my husband as he is slowly taking the remote in his hand, wanting to flip the channel to something else from “The Food Network“.

Seriously, I watch too much of that channel! I can watch it 24/7 and not get bored. I mean there are some shows that I don’t really care for and then some that are an absolute favorite like Everyday Italian, Barefoot Contessa, Easy Entertaining with Michael Chiarello, Rachel Ray, Tyler Florence and many more……For me it’s the idea of the show, the creativity of these chef stars, the presentation of their signature recipes and most importantly food cravings that are satisfied just by watching all that yummy food on TV…..thank god, it’s not in front of me, I would definitely be 500 pounds by now!!

I wanna be a chef of my own restaurant someday, apart from my other usual fulltime jobs of being a wife, a mommy & the HR lady. I love cooking…..it’s one of my hobbies, my favorite past time. Even as a little girl, I remember, I would love to be in the kitchen with my mom, help her with the cooking, learn the tricks of the trade from her, set the table and lastly enjoy the delicious meal she put together.

Inspired by my mom, all the wonderful food network shows and the various food blogs out there, here’s my 2 cents. Through this website, I want to share with you the recipes of my Signature Concoctions. It’s an idea of an online medium where I present all of my creations.  I am taking a different approach, combining the two media, television shows & blogs.  So, when you are reading through my posts, it will be like watching an episode of a Foodnetwork show! In all my posts, I showcase an individual dish or a collection of recipes, that give you an idea for a  lunch/dinner/party menu or are based on a season, a theme or an ingredient. I have crafted each and every recipe that I present here and have taken all the photographs, as a proof of authenticity.

Naturally, being a desi i.e from India, most of my recipes are desi in nature, but I love various other cuisines too, Italian and Thai being the most favorite and others like Japanese, Mexican, Ethiopian and so on. Some of my recipes are handed down from my mom or my grandma and some that I have created on my own. Anytime I fall in love with something at a restaurant or a party somewhere, I try to guess the ingredients, the recipe and devise my own way to make it at home. Most of the time, it turns out to be pretty good, but there have been disasters too!

I want to thank you for visiting my website. Please let me know how you made out, if you gave any of my recipes a shot. I also a consider this as a great opportunity for me to interact with people all over who share similar ideas and passions. I would love to hear about your signature concoctions.


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13 thoughts on “intro

  1. i distinctly remember ur baby corn masala recipe u had prepared b4 going to the US…would like to see it on ur blog…perhaps we guys can substitute the baby corn with something little “meaty”

    Your wish is my command. You’ll see some meat soon!

  2. Classy …way to go big sis!!!! impressed….keep those blogs flowing…..
    very neatly done with intro, notes and actual page…..i am eager to see more of our childhood recipes…..there is a lack of maharashtrian food awareness here (especially within non desi crowd)….so this will help…..

    Thank you! It’s going to be a lot Maharashtrian – food, our childhood memories, our lifestyle and much more!

  3. Ms Gobi!! (dont worry..I made sure that I pronounced it as hip as you do..Gawbi)…you’ve made me very proud today of your creation.
    I have been witness to quite a few of your signature and concoctions. Great on the ideas..even better on execution. Good job.

    I am really happy that I made you proud 🙂 Your words mean a lot. Thanks!

  4. Hi there,

    I looked around, and couldn’t see your name on the site. Anyway, I am based in Pune too, and hate to cook everyday meals..your site looks delicious and I so wish I could order take out from your place 🙂

  5. Hi Munnu..
    No one seems to be calling you this way any more.. But I would prefer that way as I remember you that way only.. Hope you don’t mind..
    Your concept behind the Sugnature Concoctions is just fantastic. The site is not only impressive but very “watery “too..
    Most importantly, you are now bound to get many more friends who love food imensly and are prepared to experiment..
    More than the correct proportions of the ingredients & the cooking process followed in a given recipe, it is the excitement & emotions asasocited that add up to it’s real taste which gives you value for the efforts put in…Your site exactly does this. cheers, keep it up..

    Hi Bhagwat Kaka,
    It’s really nice to hear from you!! Ofcourse you can call me “Munnu”. I too am used to you calling me only by that name. Thank you so much for your kind words! You made my day!!

    I am happy you liked my blog. It’s just way to keep myself busy (after I am done acting busy around Nia and at work) and also to kinda document my passion and ideas in food and photography (but “food photography” is totally new thing for me!).

    Thanks once again for a lovely comment on the blog. I keep adding more, so do come back and check it out.

  6. Hi, I can relate to a lot of what you’ve written in the intro…really neat work, i will keep visiting 🙂

    Happy Cooking!!

  7. Love the way you present your recipes. Definitely going to try a few for Ganapati celebrations this year!

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