This year my lil’ top chef is chillin’ out at home all summer long.  She wanted to take a break from the all day summer camps and is hanging out with grand parents, who are here from India, especially for her! It’s been a couple of weeks now since school’s out and she’s having way too much fun! Sleeping in, watching cartoons every morning with breakfast, playing in the park, bicycling, cooking with grandma, sewing all kinds of things with her machine for her pop up store….the list goes on and on.

I’m so happy for her and feel blessed that my parents are able to come over and give her the summer that she wished for. Seeing them having fun at home, now I wish they had summer breaks at work too!

Anyways, one day last week, she came up with her own signature concoction –  a spin on her favorite grilled cheese sandwich!




She asked for chunks of broccoli to be layered in between the bread and cheese slices. It took the regular grilled cheese sandwich to a whole new level! It was not only healthier but the broccoli chunks added a nice crunch in every bite. There was no need to blanch the vegetable.  The rinsed chunks of broccoli cooked slightly when the cheese melted as the bread grilled on the pan.


She loves broccoli and it’s a great way to get her daily dose of green foods! I add it to the uttapa batter, over cheese pizza before it goes in the oven, mix it in with pasta or mac and cheese….the options are unlimited. But this time, she came up with the idea of adding it to the grilled cheese!




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