Clean eating is all the buzz these days! I first came across the term “clean eating” while browsing on Pinterest and was hooked! Pins after pins, there are so many infographs, articles, meal plans and recipes out there on the topic of eating clean and staying healthy.  This is how I interpreted it – eating whole, unprocessed foods, in their most natural state and focus on making better choices, controlling portions and savoring every bite without rushing through my meal. I think it’s essentially the same old principle of eating a well-balanced diet and leading a healthy and active life. Now that sounds like a simple concept, doesn’t it?!

Since the last couple of years, I have been focusing on making healthier concoctions, like the homemade fresh pressed juices, protein-rich hearty salads, etc. This year, I have made a resolution to make better and healthier food choices and am already feeling energized, three months in. In my efforts to eat clean, I recently crafted a sandwich that is not only packed with nutrition from a variety of superfoods but also tastes out of this world!


A few months ago, I stopped buying bread from the grocery stores and have switched to a local bakery that bakes a variety of preservative-free breads in small batches daily. I love their whole grain breads and California whole wheat sourdough breads. These breads are rich in fiber and give you the carbs you crave without the empty calories of white bread. This sandwich is made of only the good stuff – avocado, with its healthy fats, tomatoes with lycopene and antioxidants, radishes that add a wonderful crunchy texture and are a natural cleansing agent for the digestive system and finally, the key ingredient – sprouts (alfalafa, clover, etc) that contain high concentrations of vitamins and minerals.


I love this sandwich and have been making it atleast once a week for lunch since the last few weeks. I do change it up every now and then by smearing hummus, herbed goat cheese or the Indian cilantro chutney, giving it a slight kick with some minced or sliced jalapenos, layering it with deli sliced cheeses or crumbled feta, boiled egg slices, etc. whatever I have handy in my refrigerator. Its easily portable if you want to take it to go. Just prep the bread slices and bring the sprouts and veggie and cheese slices separately and assemble it just before eating so it won’t get soggy.

This is really, the best sandwich I ever made! One of my colleagues calls it the most gorgeous sandwich she has ever seen! However you feel about it, I insist you give it a try and I guarantee it’ll leave you feeling clean, satisfied and energized!


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