And again, it’s been months since a published my last post!  I don’t have any excuses other than simply being busy with life. Work definitely takes up most of my time and the rest goes juggling in between a kindergartner and all other things that come in between me and my blog. Weekends start off with lazying around and then before I know I’m back to the grind.

Nonetheless I have been cooking and clicking quite a few of my signature concoctions

Signature Concoctions Fall&Winter 2013

When I download the photos from my camera every now and then, I realize how much I love doing this. Yes, I’ve really missed blogging all these months. Now, I am going to make every effort to keeping a promise I have made to myself and that is to write at least 1 post every month.

That said, here’s the first concoction of 2013 – homemade juice!


Early last year, my husband got into juicing raw fruits and vegetables and to be very honest, I didn’t really care for it then. I love to eat vegetables in all forms, but never thought of juicing them! The idea seemed weird at first, but before I realized, I was hooked. Seeing his enthusiasm about having vegetables like kale, spinach or broccoli that he generally would not even look at, I was inspired to have fruits like apples, oranges or watermelon that I generally wouldn’t!  Nowadays, we make juice about two or three times a week. After a bunch of experiments like juicing eggplants and what not, he has perfected the art of making fresh juices at home. Soon, I found myself making fresh juices for lunch or dinner even when he wasn’t around. And together we have come up with a few wonderful combinations of fruit and vegetable juices that taste so darn good!

Fresh veggies and fruits ready to be juiced

Our formula is very simple!

Our Juice = Neutral Vegetables (Cucumber, Celery, etc.) + Root Vegetables (Carrots, Beets, etc.) + Leafy Greens (Kale, Spinach, etc.) +Herbs (Mint, Parsley, etc.)+ Sweet Fruits (Apples, Grapes, etc.) + Citrus Fruits ( Orange, Lemon, etc.) + Hint of Spice (Ginger, Radishes, etc.) + Misc. (Broccoli, Fennel, etc.)

Any 4-5 elements from the above equation put into a “Power Juicer” will result into a couple of tall glasses of homemade juice that make you feel refreshed and energized.



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4 thoughts on “keeping a promise

  1. Welcome back vasanti..such a colorful post! Just like you, I have been on and off on the blogging scene as well and just like you, I hope to be around more often. Do make an effort to write more- you are a blogger straight from heart and it shows in your posts 🙂 Happy 2013.

  2. Thanks Vinaya! I know its difficult but we gotto find time to do what we love to do…right?!
    happy 2013 to you too and good luck with your resolutions! Like you, I too wanted to make blogging a resolution, but I know I never stick to my resolutions…somewhere along the year I lose track of them. I sincerely hope to keep my promise for this year and for years to come.
    Take care and you happy blogging!

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