And here we are at the finalé of yet another amazing season of signature concoctions! What an eventful year with my culinary journey mirroring real life; New York to San Francisco. It’s been three years since I started blogging about my cooking and clicking adventures. Unbelievable! Unbelievable, because I am now here with over 100 blog posts, more than 250 recipes, an average of 250 daily page views and thousands of readers all over the world. It started with, like, my mom hitting my site a number of times a day and me clicking pictures with a trusty old point and shoot.

This blog lets me share my love for food and record everything around it…the stories, some lovely memories and my ethnicity. Cliched as it may sound, it all comes down to, you, my readers. You visit week and week to read my posts, praise my photos and try my recipes; I am humbled and very thankful to you for the kind comments and words of encouragement that keep me going.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and see you in the fall. Signing off on a sweet note, with my decadent chocolate-orange ganache tart.


If you like chocolate, you’ll love it with a hint of orange. Simply adding orange zest and juice or an orange-flavored liqueur gives any semi-sweet or dark chocolate a nice zing and a whole new dimension to it’s original flavor. For me, its a match made in heaven! I often make chocolate-orange ganache instead of the regular, plain ganache and drizzle it  over ice creams, grilled or chilled fruit and even on cupcakes. This time I tried it in a tart and it was just incredible! It turned out to be a perfect dessert to satisfy my chocoholic sweet tooth – so easy to make and so fun to eat!

Serves 6-8

1 store bought pie shell

12 oz (1 packet) of dark or semi-sweet chocolate chips (I like Ghirardelli or Trader Joe’s brands)

3/4 cup heavy cream

zest from 1 orange

3-4 tbsp of orange liqueur like Grand Marnier or Triple Sec (If you prefer not to use liqueur, use orange juice instead)

Bake the pie shell in a round tart pan according to package instructions. Remove from the oven and let cool slightly.

Place the chocolate in a heat-proof bowl set over a pan of simmering water. Add the cream, zest, and liqueur and stir constantly until the chocolate is melted and smooth. Pour the chocolate filling in to the prepared crust. Refrigerate for at least 4-5 hours or preferably overnight.


Cut into wedges and serve chilled.


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7 thoughts on “3 cheers!!!

  1. OMG! This looks deliciously decadent 🙂 I hope to try this out soon.

    And congratulations on completing 3 yrs!

  2. Awesome Vasanti,
    Congratulation on SC’s 3rd birthday !Keep up the good work, I really wish I could take some Master classes from you.Loved this recipe.It looks so yummy!
    you should look forward to write a cook book sometimes in the future
    Cheers and happy cooking

  3. Hey Vasanti, Congratulations on three lip-smacking years!!!! Looking forward to many more new dishes. Cheers!!!!

  4. Just came across your blog there.I only recently started blogging about my baking so this post has really encourage me even if some days I barely get even one view.Love the recipe looks delicious 🙂

  5. So, I chose holiday season to try out this decadent chocolate tart recipe. And trust me when I say this one was a huge hit amongst my friends. They were totally floored and more than half of the pie was gone in 5 minutes. I’ll send you the pics Vas :). I replaced the orange liqueur with freshly squeezed orange juice but now am tempted to try it with orange liqueur and see if it can get yummier.

    Thanks again for sharing your recipes!

  6. Hi! Keep the good recipes coming in 2012. Anxiously looking forward to the special “Pesto-Sangria Mutter Chicken with Cajun spice Ala Vodka Sauce” recipe with before and after photographs of the dish and those that taste the dish. Can’t wait!! Hope you all are doing well. Happy New Year from all of us here in CT!

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