It has been airing only for a couple of days now and I’m loving it!

As a die-hard fan of the Food Network, I must say that it’s sister channel is pretty neat. It has some unique shows – the Rachel Allen’s show based on baking, Daryl Robinson’s mixology show, Drink Up, Everyday Exotic, where Chef Roger breaks free from the boredom of everyday meals by giving them a fantastic makeover using one new ingredient and finally an Indian cooking show by Anjum Anand. These guys are awesomely creative and very inspiring. I’m already getting a lot of  inspiration and fun ideas from the shows.

I’m hooked!

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2 thoughts on “i’m hooked

  1. Vas, that’s quite interesting about this newly launched sister Cooking Channel of the world-famous Food Network aired in US of A, with all new, young, enthu chefs alonwith their myriad ideas of food concoctions ! I am eager to follow them, when with you there after just one month to go here at Pune, India.

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