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Bringing in the new year with the most popular posts of 2009!

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Food of Malvan



my mom's signature concoction


souvenirs de montreal

a cookbook - grilled pizzas and piadinas



Please keep reading, commenting and giving me feedback, it keeps me cooking, clicking and concocting!

  • Vinaya

    Hey Vasanti,

    A very very happy new year to you !!!hope you had a wonderful start to the new year :)
    Love your photo display..totally concoc-tastic..keep the good recipes coming..I am looking forward to them in the new year


  • Corrine

    This is so cool! I added your blog to bookmarks. I’ll be back to read your articles more often!

  • Benjamin

    I really liked your blog! Its awesome :)

  • http://www.FREEGASFOR1YEAR.TK Patrice Avenia

    This blog is great. How did you come up witht he idea? 3 1 6

  • Antoinette Salato

    Thanks for share… pics looks good.

  • Hyo Shkreli

    There are some great ideas here! Love the pictures too.

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