It’s been a while since I wrote here….


Life’s been busy…lots’a work, a little bit of play, some stuffy sniffy noses – big and small, a road trip to Boston at the end of Fall, then to Richmond for some turkey and a great holiday with friends and family.  Needless to say, there has been more of gourmet eating than gourmet cooking in the past few weeks.


This November I bought a small piece of real estate in the “dot com” world. Ever since I have been busy decorating it and I think I am now ready to take on 2009 with my brand spanking new 


Signature Concoctions


Welcome to SignatureConcoctions 2.0! My husband has designed this very cool logo, that you see above. Below the logo is a window to all my kitchen gadgets and the fresh ingredients that make my concoctions so ‘signature’. In addition to the new look and feel, I have added some new features like the index of all of my recipes, featured concoctions, easy subscription via email, printing and sharing posts and much more.


Guaranteed free food for the following people for helping me with this website; My husband, Vijay, who did the initial ground work and set the ball rolling, my bro Sushant, sis Deepti , dear pals – Atish, Dennis and Kanika, and my all time foodie companion – Fatema, who have helped me translate my vision into this wonderful website.


Here’s to food and fun in the new year. Cheers!



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5 thoughts on “SignatureConcoctions 2.0

  1. hey your site is absolutely rocking………. 🙂

    Thank you!

  2. now tht the site is up and running let’s have some fresh posts! i’ve heard u have some interesting new features coming up 😉

    Yes, a lot more interesting stuff and a very cool new feature…coming soon!

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