So, I have finally decided to take my first step in the world of foodblogs.

I never knew that there was a big brave world out there with top-chef foodies, who have taken great efforts and spent time blogging all these wonderful recipes with cool pics. Just a couple of months ago, I accidently stumbled upon a masterpiece foodblog, while looking for idli recipes…..and that was my first foray.

I went places, from one site to another. I travelled around, smelling, sampling….. On this eCulinary journey, I hung out at The Spice Cafe and bumped into the guru of info Jugalbandi, then I rocked with IFR , experienced the Evolving Tastes and also went to A Mad Tea Party. It’s a fun world!




I’ve put my chef’s hat on and am now ready to put my stake in the ground.

Without further ado…….

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8 thoughts on “without further ado……

  1. So glad you decided to take the plunge! Congrats and looking forward to you joining in on all the fun!

    Hey Manisha,
    Thanks a lot for your comments on my blog website. I am a regular visitor of your blog and I love it. Hope you had a good break ! It is really nice to know you through the blog.

  2. Very informative foodblog….articles are very professionally written. I enjoy reading and browsing through the pictures.

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